Weigh loss Diet


Weight loss Diet

Exercise hard every day. But no weight loss at all? That's because it means you're not paying as much attention to your diet as you are to exercise. Especially cutting out some white foods from your diet can help you lose weight faster. Let's see what are the 7 Days weight loss diet plan 

7 Days weight loss diet plan 

Day 1:

The foods we should take on the first day are all fruits. Fruits are nutritious and reduce fat accumulation. On the first day you can take any fruit you like.

But avoid consuming only bananas. Apart from these, drinking water plays an important role in weight loss. A lot of water should be taken. That means drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water.

Do not touch any food except fruits on the first day. Especially boiled vegetables should not be taken.

Day 2:

On the second day, switch to a vegetable diet excluding fruits. All kinds of vegetables can be taken raw or cooked. Potatoes can also be included in the diet.

Especially low calorie cucumber, collard greens, beans, carrots, pumpkin, spinach and steamed cabbage can be taken. Also drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day.

Day 3:

On day three you can have both vegetables and fruits. One of the important things is to avoid bananas and potatoes on the third day. Vegetables in the morning, fruits in the afternoon, vegetables in the evening and fruits again in the evening should be consumed alternately.

 Day 4:

On the fourth day only banana and milk should be taken. Only milk and banana should be taken throughout the day. About 8 to 12 bananas and three glasses of milk are enough.

Feeling of hunger arises due to lack of food. So taking it at regular intervals can overcome that feeling. If you take 2 fruits in each of the 4 meals and drink milk between them, you can control the feeling of hunger.

Day 5:

The fifth day is the tomato diet. A cup of rice and 5 to 7 tomatoes is your meal. 12 to 15 glasses of water is necessary because tomatoes produce more uric acid.

Day 6:

On the sixth day, take one cup of rice only in the afternoon and vegetables at other times. Especially drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. By drinking it, all parts of the body will function smoothly and digestion will be easy.

Day 7:

On the seventh day you can have a cup of rice in the afternoon and vegetables and fruits at other times. Fruits can also be drunk as juice. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day except the fifth day.

Fastest way to lose weight

1. Eat a high protein breakfast

Eating a high-protein breakfast can help keep you feeling less hungry throughout the day and prevent cravings.

2. Drink water, especially before meals

Drinking water can increase metabolism by 24-30% in 1-1.5 hours and helps burn some calories.

3. Eat less refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates include sugars and grains that have been stripped of their fibrous, nutritious parts. These include white bread and pasta.

5. Follow the 80:20 rule

The 80:20 rule means that you eat until you are 80% full and then drink 20% water. It will prevent you from overeating.

6. Avoid processed foods

Include whole foods like pulses, legumes, grains and vegetables in your diet. Anything that is unprocessed can help you lose weight faster.

7. Eat slowly

Chew your food longer; This way, you are more likely to eat less. Eating slowly also helps in better digestion.

8. Eat spicy foods

Chili contains capsaicin, a spicy compound that boosts metabolism and slightly suppresses your appetite

9. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits have many properties that are beneficial for weight loss.

They are low in calories but high in fiber.

10. Need good sleep

Sleep is often underrated, but can be just as important as healthy eating and exercise.


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