Natural beauty tips

Natural Beauty Tips and Face Pack

Our skin is our best friend, black, red or fair, we must love our skin first. No matter the skin tone, its texture is important. Who doesn't want clear, glowing and blemish-free skin?

There are various ingredients in our kitchen that naturally give the skin a healthy glow. These ingredients have all the properties of exfoliating, moisturizing, brightening, smoothing the skin.

Here is a list of top 5 kitchen items that can bring out your skin's inner glow!


Honey is the best moisturizer for our skin. It can be used as a face pack or massaged into the skin as a moisturizer.

You can mix honey with papaya, banana or fresh orange juice as a face pack or mix some lemon drops with honey and apply it as a moisturizer. By doing this regularly, your skin will become glowing and radiant!


Raw milk has it all. Dip a 'cotton ball' in a tablespoon of raw milk and clean your face with it.

It is a natural cleanser that brightens your skin without blemishes. Use this every morning before taking a bath. Even at night, it can be used to remove all the dirt. It gives excellent glowing skin.


Yogurt has anti-aging properties. Regular use of yogurt removes the hydrate and moisture from the skin and leaves it looking youthful without blemishes.

It improves skin elasticity and gives an even tone to the face. The lactic acid and some bleaching agents present in curd have amazing benefits for the skin.


Turmeric is like a boon for our skin. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which gives the skin glow and radiance.

A mask made with peanut flour, curd or milk and turmeric, massaged gently on the face and washed off after a few minutes is effective

5.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a miracle plant. It has tremendous benefits for health and skin. Although aloe vera is available in the market, there is nothing better than fresh aloe vera from your garden.

Not only does it soothe irritated skin from the sun, it also contains collagen that repairs skin cells.

Bring out your skin's inner glow by using these 5 ingredients regularly!


·        Milk powder and lemon juice

 Mix milk powder with lemon juice and honey to make a paste, apply it on the face and let it soak for 10 minutes, then wash the face. By doing this, you can feel the color of the face increase.

·        Oatmeal and yogurt

            Oats should be soaked overnight on the first day, grind it into a paste the next morning, mix it with sour curd, apply it on the face and wash it off. If you keep doing this, you will see good results soon.

·        Potatoes

            Like lemons, potatoes are highly bleaching. So if you make a paste of potato and apply it on your face daily and soak it well and wash it, your face will glow with luster.

·        Thulsi

            Anti-oxidants and other nutrients in thulsi improve the health of skin cells and keep the skin glowing and healthy. Mainly basil is a good remedy for acne problems. Grind basil into a paste, apply it on the face and soak it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off.

·        Saffron

 Mix saffron with milk, apply it on your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes to wash off. Due to the bleaching properties of saffron, the dark spots on the skin will be removed and the skin tone will improve. Moreover, if one follows this action daily, one can see whiteness soon.

·        Turmeric and tomato

 Make a paste of turmeric and tomato juice and apply it on your face as a mask, it will increase the skin tone.

·        Mint

 Mint is very refreshing. It also has the power to completely remove dirt from the skin. For that, grind a mint leaf and extract the juice, apply it on the face and soak it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.



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