Home Remedies for Hair Growth



Reasons for Hair Fall

1. Stress:

Although mental stress is less likely to cause hair loss compared to physical stress, it can still happen due to things like divorce, aging parents or death of loved ones. Hair loss tip to combat stress and anxiety with yoga, meditation and talk therapy would help.

2. Dietary habits:

Vitamin deficiency is at the top of the list of reasons related to hair loss. Low levels of B vitamins and lack of essential nutrients are common causes of hair loss. This happens when the diet is not healthy and the food lacks nutrients. One of the tips to deal with this problem of hair loss would be to stay away from foods that cause hair loss and instead enjoy nutritious foods such as lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables.

3. Protein deficiency:

Protein deficiency is a common cause of hair loss. If you don't have enough protein in your diet, more protein is broken down in the body. This drains the hair of the protein it needs to grow and prevents the flow of keratin into the hair. A tip for hair growth is to consume more protein and essential fats.

4.Chemical led products / wrong products:

Using wrong hair products is one of the most common causes of hair loss. It is always good to use products that keep your hair healthy and reduce shedding.

5. Heredity:

An important cause because genetic variation can cause hair loss. Patterned hair loss is inherited in both men and women. Several genes have been identified that cause hair loss. This is a common reason why we say hair loss runs in families.

 6. Dramatic weight loss:

Sudden weight loss is a form of trauma, even if the weight loss is planned. Is the weight loss planned, if the diet is deliberately reduced to unplanned and unhealthy eating habits that trigger hair loss. Advice for hair loss is a balanced and appropriate diet, because they are the building blocks of hair. So eat a balanced diet and stay well hydrated.


Home Remedies for Hair Growth

1.Bringraj Oil

It is being utilized in Ayurveda when you consider that centuries. Bhringraj promotes hair growth through enlarging the hair follicle. Thus, if the extracted juice is fed on and carried out at the scalp, it results in darkening of hair. It reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth. Therefore, it's miles utilized in diverse natural formulations to be had over the counter like hair Growth selling oils.


Onions are known to contain zinc, which helps prevent dandruff. It reduces the production of sebum on the scalp, which prevents hair loss. It is beneficial for people who suffer from baldness. Onions should be rubbed into the scalp until it turns red and then honey. Onions can also be squeezed and juiced with ginger and mixed with oils such as (olive, castor and aloe) before applying to the scalp.


Preparations containing hibiscus are used to promote hair growth. Studies have found that both hibiscus leaves and flowers have properties that promote hair growth. This effect is achieved thanks to the expansion property of the hibiscus hair follicle.2 The flower extract can be applied to the hair by soaking it in warm water.


Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, has been used for long and thick hair since ages. Amla promotes hair growth by increasing the growth of scalp skin cells by improving iron metabolism. Iron metabolism plays an important role in oxygenating the hair. Thus, amla is often used in various herbal preparations, creams and oils.

5.Aloe vera

Aloe Vera contains complex proteins similar to keratin, the protein that makes up our hair. It effectively strengthens hair follicles, which prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. It is effective against dandruff and also moisturizes the hair. Therefore, aloe vera juice can be applied and left on the hair, massaged or sprayed to act as a conditioner. Aloe Vera oil can also be used by mixing it with other oils

6.Coconut Oil:

In India, there is an ancient tradition of applying coconut oil to the hair. Coconut oil gives shine to hair. It acts as a conditioner and prevents protein loss from the hair. It also prevents hair damage and promotes hair regrowth. It can be applied directly to the hair and massaged into the scalp.


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